Kos is most well known as the island of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. The ancient site of Asklepion, 3km from the town, was a religious sanctuary devoted to Asclepius, the god of healing, it was also a centre of healing and a school of medicine and is now the island’s most famous attraction.

Blessed with some of the best beaches in the Dodecanese, lush greenery and millennia-old Corinthian columns scattered throughout the island, Kos is an island of visual and sensory gems. The imposing medieval fortress that dominates the skyline and harbour is the trademark of Kos town.

Kos is home to rich gastronomic traditions with Greek and Mediterranean roots. A trademark of the island is the Posa cheese or wine-cheese which is prepared by allowing local goats cheese to mature while submerged in red wine, granting it its famous capricious flavour. The local wines and fragrant thyme honey are firm ‘take-home’ favourites.


Easy to find as it’s the most famous Italian designed building in Kos town, whether you’re coming in by boat or by air the 30 minute drive from the airport is a journey of anticipation as you approach this landmark historic icon.


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